Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jack Daniels - My first whiskey.... sniff.

Jack Daniels bottle
Everyone will always remember their first time.... high school, college, a late night in the back seat of a 1969 dodge dart... but I digress. It only seems fitting that the subject of my inaugural blog be Jack Daniels - the first whiskey I ever tasted.

It may not be the finest whiskey out there, but ol' number 7 is stable. Think of it like Taco Bell. Everyone likes Taco Bell. Why? Its not the best mexican food in the world, hell its such an american institution now it may not even be mexican food anymore. But no matter where you are, what time it is, or how hung over you might be, you can always get the same tasty burrito supreme and soft tacos you had 20 years ago. And all for only a few bucks. Bang for your buck people. JD has it in spades.

For no other reason, Jack Daniels will always be stocked in my bar. Its consistency and affordability make it a solid choice for any Tuesday night after a long day at work. Make a Jack and Coke, sip it with ice, but its not really the type of product to drink neat ;)

Recommended: Yes
Notes: Smokey with definite charcoal taste. A little ice/water rounds it out nicely with a smooth aftertaste of citris and maple.
Price: $18 for 750ml

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