Monday, April 23, 2012

Bunratty Potcheen Irish Whiskey - evil wrapped in a bottle

I like to think of myself as open minded. I love whiskey, and welcome the opportunity to try something new. So, while browsing the shelves at my local booze proveyor, I came upon something I have never tasted before. Potcheen Irish Whiskey.

Initially I thought, hey, here is a whole new kind of Irish Whiskey that I never knew existed, how bad could it be? Well, before I get to that, lets look at Potcheen. Essentially this is Irish moonshine, and for a long time it was illegal in Ireland. It is distilled in a pot still, similar to RedBreast or Green Spot, and can be made of potatoes or malted barley. Often times it has a higher alcohol content (most whiskey is about 80 proof, some potcheen can hit 120+).

And, it has its own song! "That sweet Poteen from Ireland green, distilled from wheat and rye: Throw away your pills, it will cure all ills of Pagan, Christian, or Jew! Take off your coat and grease your throat wish the real old mountain dew!" [shudder]

Since 1661 this hootch was produced in small batches in the more wild areas of Ireland. Often produced by widows as their primary source of income. Bunratty was the first Potcheen to be legally produced in since the ban was lifted in 1997, and is available at larger liquor stores off the shelf. It is 90 proof and made from rye and barley.

Now before you run off and buy a bottle, let me warn you. Drinking Potcheen is like having a little leprechaun that has been dipped in liquorice and gasoline run down your throat kicking and scratching.  I can only guess how many brain cells died as a result. Its not pleasant. The only use I can imagine for this booze would be as a mixer for a batch of jungle juice. Originally, the slogan for the product was "now legal!" - Stay away!

Recommended: Only to enemies
Notes: Liquorice, gasoline, iron nails, violent head shaking
Price: $23 for 750ml

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