Friday, April 13, 2012

Redbreast - single pot still Irish whiskey

First, let me get this out of the way. Redbreast is a whiskey. True, the name may bring images unbidden into your mind of a certain redhead holding a wee dram. Christina Hendricks is an evil, evil woman. Stay On Target!

Screw your head straight and lets take a look at one of my most favorite whiskeys ever. Redbreast is a single pot still Irish whiskey. Single pot speaks to the type of still used, and basic ingredients. Normally "green" barley is used in the recipe to give it a distinctive taste.

The most readily available variation is the 12 year, although rumors have made it to my inbox that a 15yr also exists. I count the hours until it finds its way to me. But don't worry, the 12 year is one of the smoothest, nicest whiskeys available off the shelf.

It scored a 92 during a recent competition in San Francisco and I can see why. It is popular with men and women who prefer a slightly sweeter more balanced taste, with only hints of smokiness. This one is always one I reccomend to friends trying to decide what to buy me for christmas :)

Recommended: Highly
Notes: Smooth, Liquorice, Vanilla , and leather. Take me home or lose me forever
Price: $47 for 750ml


Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the greatest photo of a glass of whisky I've ever seen. I confess that I didn't actually notice the rest of the review... First rule of blogging: don't blog about not blogging. 2nd rule of blogging - watch out for overly compelling images... Full confession: I have this window carefully arranged so I can still see the photo...

Eric said...

The 15 year old was originally a limited release for the French market but it's since become a permanent member of the line. There's also a cask strength version of Redbreast 12 at 57.7% ABV and it is STUNNING. said...

mmMMmm. I sense an online purchase in my future. Thanks for the feedback!