Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scotch in spaaaaaaaaaaace!

Some scotch loving mad scientists have decided to do what comes naturally. That is, send scotch samples into space! (how do I get this job, honestly!) Samples of the heavenly liquid will be sent into orbit aboard the international space station via a rocket payload to age over the next two years. It will then be compared to similar samples here on earth too see how zero gravity affects the process.

This amazing combination of two awesome things (scotch and space) makes me think about what else we can combine with booze that would be equally amazing. Look for future blog entries that include "scotch and sex", "scotch and star wars", and "scotch and duct tape."

Now, the article goes on and on about "Ardbeg-crafted molecules" and "the interaction of terpenes " but there is only one question I see important enough to ask: Does this make better scotch? Time will tell my friends, time will tell.

Source: The Drinks Business, 4/2012

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