Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whisky Butter Steak - An Irish Steak?

Mmmmmm. Just saying those three words give me warm feelings. Whisky. Butter. Steak. The other night I tried cooking in an entirely new way. With whisky! It wasn't the first time I had a spatula in one hand, and a glass of a little somethin-somethin in the other, but this time I actually put the booze in the food too.

Now you might say this was a waste of perfectly good hooch but I beg to differ. Adding whisky to food has been done many times before, but honestly never by yours truly. So on a tipsy whim I tried something new - and if I say so myself it turned out excellent! Some folks might call this an Irish Steak, and you know, the name fits. Here is my first food post on a whisky blog:
  1. I started out with a few nice medium sized (10ish oz) sirloin steaks and a glass of whisky. First I drank the whisky (duh) and pulled out a good stainless steel pan. Cast iron is an excellent choice too, but I cant afford 'em.
  2. Drizzle some olive oil in the pan and saute your mushrooms and onions. Normally I just wait until they give off moisture and shrink down a bit. Once your done put those in a bowl for later.
  3. Keep all that yummy oil and mushroom sweat in the pan and add your steaks. Grind some salt and pepper over the top and let them cook. I like my steak medium rare so that means about 6 minutes a side.
  4. When you flip your steaks, add about a shot or so of whisky to the pan over the meat. No need to open your best bottle. Jack Daniels or Tullamore Dew will do nicely.

    [warning] whisky on a heated pan can be flammable and may ignite and singe off your eyebrows. Just knowing this is possible can make the difference of a "oooOOooo" moment, and a burn victim with a potty mouth [/warning].

  5. Once the steak is 98% done, add a little butter to the top. Trust me, a little butter here makes all the difference. Cook the rest of the way and melt that butter all over your juicy steak. [woah]
  6. Then take it off, add your mushrooms over the top, and place it on the plate next to your favorate form of potatoe. 
  7. Vuala! Enjoy! Drink more whiskey ;)

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