Friday, March 27, 2015

Middleton Very Rare - Irish Whiskey done right.

People may use fancy pants words like maturated aromatics, and confectionery complexity to describe Middleton Very Rare whiskey - I have a new word for you. Yummy!

Housed in a handsome wood case, Middleton will look sexy sitting on top of any bar. This is another fine example of a single pot still whiskey that I am a fan of. Made at the Middleton Distillery, this whiskey shares its birthplace with the well known Jameson, and lesser known GreenSpot and Red Breast whiskeys.

Aged in bourbon barrels gives it a lighter sweeter and fruitier taste, this is a whiskey that easily passes the WAF (wife acceptance factor) - we both enjoyed a nice pour this last St. Patrick's day. What a perfect way to toast the Irish.

Most guys 9 times out of 10 can't tell the difference between the $50 and the $200 bottle of whiskey, but let me tell you, you can tell the difference in Middleton. Its not cheap, but in this humble reviewer's opinion it is well worth the money if you have it on hand.

Cost is most likely driven by rarity, as only 50 casks are released a year. Each release can have a very different taste. The end result is a blend of multiple triple distilled whiskeys aged from 12 to 25 years. While I hope to someday sample enough of these vintages to confirm their uniqueness, I must confess I have only had the one (2011 blend).

Recommended: Yes, if you have the where-with-all.
Notes: Sweet and smooth, little bit of fruit
Price: $140 for 750ml

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